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Everything you need to sell and deliver services, in one place

If you're selling services, you know it's one of the most difficult kinds of businesses to grow.

You're either spending your time on client work… or you're putting out fires, apologizing for delayed orders and managing contractors.

Then there's the software.

With basic tools like Wufoo you're missing out on tons of business features like having a members area for your clients, or being able to run a referral program. And as you start adding CRM, helpdesk and project management apps to the mix, it quickly turns into expensive duct-taped mess of integrations (that doesn't even work well).

Or perhaps you're frustrated with ultra complex software like WHMCS - software that was never made for running a services business, takes weeks to learn and has hundreds of features, most of which you’ll never use.

Or... maybe you're just tired of copying stuff to a spreadsheet and painstakingly setting up accounts and tasks in a separate project management app.

If that's you, you're going to love ServiceProviderPRO.

Because it combines the best of all those tools into one package that's designed specifically for SEOs and agencies.

Instead of having to duct-tape together forms, billing, project management, helpdesk and membership software, you get everything in one place with SPP...

Order Management

Every new order shows up right in your dashboard so you and your team can instantly see what needs to be done.

Customer Management

With all customer accounts in one place you can see their contact info, past orders, lifetime value to your business and more.


Finally have all messages in one place with a clear history of who said what and when - even if you respond via email.

Order Forms

Easily create beautiful order forms with your services, add-ons and custom fields. Add different payment options, multiple pages and rules.

Coupon Codes

Get more sales by offering discount codes for your services. Track discount usage, limit discounts to time or number of uses.

Members Area

Get your own client panel where users can see their past orders, send and receive project updates and place repeat orders.


Keep track of revenue, average order value and more. Connect with Google Analytics to get detailed sales funnel conversion rates.


Easily sell subscription services and trials. Instantly see recurring payments, send automatic payment reminders and cancellation notices.

Referral Program

Turn regular customers into brand ambasadors using the affiliate module. Users can get their referral links right inside your client panel.


Answer support questions or quote requests using the build in helpdesk module. Embed the contact form on your site for seamless experience.


Automatically create tax invoices with customer billing details, or issue invoices manually for custom projects.

Team Management

Give access to your team, assign orders and track their work. Protect your business with different permissions levels.

Optimized Sales Funnel

Your checkout flow with SPP starts with an order form. This is where customers can choose the services they want to order, enter a coupon code and select their preferred payment method.

Forms are super easy to create and customize with a drag & drop editor - no HTML knowledge required.

And if you need more info from clients (like their website or keywords), you can add as many custom fields as you'd like.

This is a sample order form where customers can place their orders. You can easily add, remove and customize all the fields. Forms work with your payment processor and you get payments directly in your own account.

Integrates with PayPal, Stripe, Payza and 2Checkout

Powerful members area for your customers

After completing payment through your payment processor, users will be logged into your Client Panel (if it’s a new client, their account will be created automatically).

The Client Panel is where they can see all their past orders, invoices, subscriptions and reports. Plus, it lets returning users place repeat orders with ease.

And because the client area is the face of your company, you can totally customize it to fit your brand... Upload your logo, customize the sidebar, edit the top menu and even change the underlying HTML templates.

Beautiful client panel

Client area which your customers will see after placing an order. Works with your rank tracking software to display live reports right inside the client panel.

Built-in project management

If you’ve found yourself digging through old emails or painstakingly copying stuff to a spreadsheet, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to keep track of everything inside SPP.

Imagine, new orders automatically showing up in your dashboard, getting updated whenever customer makes a payment, fills out a form or sends a message. Finally having all customer communications in one place, easily accessible to you and your staff.

Here's how that looks in SPP...

Orders database

In the orders list you can see the status of each order, who's working on it, how many messages are in it, and any custom tags you've set. Easily filter orders by service, tag or status.

Any time you or your team post a message in a client’s order, they’ll get a notification in the Client Panel and via email.

And here’s the best part...

Instead of having dozens of separate email threads for each project, when a customer replies to a message via email, their email response shows up in the panel. That way you get a clear history of who said what and when.

Built-in project message board
  • Communicate with clients
  • Upload files and reports
  • View staff response times

We switched to SPP after using Gravity Forms checkout for two years and we are never going back! SPP has everything you need packed in a simple and intuitive interface. Chris and the team are constantly upgrading the software with new features and provides the best customer support I have seen in a long time.

Nemanja Mirkovic of LeadsFox.com

Let your team do the work

Managing a team is one of the hardest parts in any services business. From assigning tasks to making sure everyone is doing a great job, it drains your time and energy.

That's why having a central system for both staff and contractors is so helpful.

Not only can you see how they interact with customers, you can also track your team's response times, completed orders and overdue deadlines.

Ever worried about contractors stealing your clients?

With SPP you can choose which team members can see customer details, and also choose the types of orders they can access.

Employee accounts

Recover lost sales

What happens when a customer’s subscription payment fails? Or they start to place an order and leave without buying?

Reaching out to every customer like that is a hassle. That’s why SPP helps you send automated emails to everyone who’s abandoned checkout, cancelled their subscription or forgotten to pay an invoice.

Order recovery email

Automated follow-up emails help you recover hundreds if not thousands of dollars in lost sales each month.

I've been looking for something like this for a long time and even considered getting a custom client panel built for $10k. When I found SPP, the combination of functionality, integrations and support, checked all the boxes I needed. So I've been happily using it in my agency ever since.

Tommy McDonald of SerpLogic.com

Track your revenue and conversion rates

See exactly how much money you’re bringing in each month, the services customers have purchased and their average order value.

With Google Analytics integration you can get detailed sales funnel analytics and conversion rate data for each of your forms.

Google Analytics Funnel

Get more referrals

Boost word of mouth by rewarding customers for the referrals they bring. It’s easy and convenient - they can get a unique referral link directly in their client panel, no extra steps needed.

Google Analytics Funnel

Having dealt with over 5,000 SEO clients, we've tested out many different client management solutions however none have matched the quality and simplicity that SPP offers. On top of that, their support is outstanding and my questions are always replied within minutes. You won't go wrong with SPP.

Luka Bozic of AuraRank

Simple, clean and organized

Upgrading to a new software can be tough. Going through pages of meaningless settings, wasting hours on simple tasks, and waiting days on end to get your questions answered. What a nightmare that can be.

We didn't want SPP to be like that, so we designed it with simplicity and ease of use in mind. Still, when you do need help from somebody who knows the system inside and out, we're available via email and live chat.

Imagine your life before SPP & after...

  • Manual data entry

    Manually updating multiple spreadsheets or Google Docs, keeping track of orders one by one.
  • Email inbox from hell

    Wasting time digging through email archives trying to find client files and information.
  • Boring day-to-day management

    Scrambling to manage the chaos and never having enough time to focus on the big picture.
  • Automatic order processing

    Sitting back while SPP processes new orders, collects project information and assigns work to your team.
  • Neatly organized projects

    Having peace of mind knowing all project data, messages and files are easily accessible.
  • Your team working on orders

    Orders are rolling in and your team is delivering them faster than ever. Happy clients all around.

If you’re a service based business I would not hesitate recommending SPP. We knew clients would like the dashboard, but the staff does too. The built in affiliate system and coupon management features seal the deal for me.

Joseph Mongan of rankit.io

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Trusted by successful agencies

Here's what a few of our paying customers have to say

Time is money and SPP saves us time every single day. It helps my agency fulfill orders efficiently, reply to tickets, track conversions and scale my business rapidly. If I were asked to mention the best thing about SPP, it has to be their heroic customer support.

If you are a service provider you need this in your life. Period.
P.S I am not being held at gunpoint.

- Sathish S. of SERPninja.io

I have been using SPP from Beta and was able to use it to open five new companies. In the past it was a mess for me to handle tracking orders, assigning them to teams via email and sending reports. SPP has made it much easier and changed my business.

- Waseem Saleem of BLCWebs.com

We took a leap of faith and transitioned from WHMCS to SPP, even though it had a lot fewer bells and whistles. I’m pleased to say we do not regret that decision.

From day one we had a laundry list of feature requests and were stunned at how fast they were implemented. Since then SPP has grown by leaps and bounds and is ideally suited for dealing with project based clients.

It has helped us focus more on what we need to do to keep our business streamlined and producing better results for our clients. Happy clients = Great Business. With SPP and the team behind it, we are confident in our ability to scale and grow our business.

- Cecilia Hanif of i5Marketing.com

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