Create a Great Customer Experience

Discover how SPP helps you get more repeat orders

Get more repeat business from your own branded back-office where clients can see their past orders, receive progress updates, download invoices, reports and place new orders.

Customize your client panel with your own logo and styling, add your own menu items and custom pages.

Editable templates

Totally customizable

Customize every aspect of your client panel - from sidebar and navigation menus to custom pages, email notifications and even underlying HTML templates.


Built-in messaging

Every order has its own message board where clients can get updates and post messages. They can also reply via email without having to sign in.


Full order history

Customers can see all their orders, messages, reports, payments and subscriptions in the Client Panel.

Account balance

Easy repeat orders

Clients can deposit funds for future orders, or - in case of credit card payments - easily place repeat orders without entering billing information.

Referral link

Referral program

Use the built-in referral program to let clients promote your services and earn a commission.

Abandonment email

Reduce checkout abandonment

Automatically follow up with people who've abandoned checkout, send reminders about failed recurring payments and even reach out to customers who haven't provided all required information.

Integrates with your rank tracking software

SPP integrates with Microsite Masters, SerpBook and GeoRanker to display your customer's website rankings directly in your Client Panel. So instead of waiting for reports, they can check their stats at any time.

I've been looking for something like this for a long time and even considered getting a custom client panel built for $10k. When I found SPP, the combination of functionality, integrations and support, checked all the boxes I needed. So I've been happily using it in my agency ever since.

Tommy McDonald of

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