Bring Your Team On Board

Set permissions and easily track everyone's work

As a services based business you rely on your team, virtual assistants or outsourced contractors. Now you can keep everyone on the same page by giving them limited access to your order management system.

Assign orders to your team, track how they're doing and see every message to and from customers, all in one place.

Order assignment

Automatically assign orders

Assign orders to your team or choose which orders are assigned automatically. Or, if you'd like people to take up any open orders that's possible too.

Team accounts

Create accounts for your team

Whether you have full time staff, virtual assistants or contractors you can give them limited access to the dashboard without sharing login details.

Customer details

Protect customer information

With SPP your contractors can't see customer contact details or order prices. Because all communication happens through the dashboard there's no need for your team to email people directly.

Admin accounts

Multiple admin accounts

Get a full featured admin account for yourself and your partners. There's no need to share the same login details anymore.

Order deadlines

Set deadlines, track response times

Create deadlines for services that need to be delivered within a certain time. Instantly see how quickly your team responds to messages and when an order was delivered.

I've been looking for something like this for a long time and even considered getting a custom client panel built for $10k. When I found SPP, the combination of functionality, integrations and support, checked all the boxes I needed. So I've been happily using it in my agency ever since.

Tommy McDonald of

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