Managing Your Team

If you have a team of employees or contractors that work on orders you can manage them easily with SPP.

Create staff accounts

To create accounts for your staff, open Settings and go to the Team tab. Click Manage staff accounts, which will take you to the accounts list. Click Add New and fill in the account details.

There are two permission levels you can chose form:

  • Contractor – can access and update orders, but has no access to client contact information, pricing or payments.
  • Manager – can manage orders, clients and payments. Cannot change settings, configure modules, forms or services.

More permissions

In Settings under Team options you can choose which orders your contractors get to see.

  • Only assigned orders – contractors will see only the orders that have been assigned to them.
  • Assigned and open orders – contractors will see the orders they’ve been assigned to, as well as orders that haven’t been assigned to anyone (open). They can also assign open orders to themselves to prevent conflicts.
  • All orders – contractors see all orders

Note that staff accounts with Manager permissions get to see all orders regardless of this setting.

Assigning orders

If you have multiple team members who are responsible for different services, you can automatically assign all orders of a service to a specific account.

To do so, go to the Services menu, click on a service to edit it, and navigate to the Tasks tab. Choose the employee you want to assign and save.

Using deadlines

When editing a service you’ll see a deadline field in the Tasks tab. This allows you to, for example, have a service delivered within 24 hours from the time client fills out their project details.

The deadline is visible in the orders list, giving your team an indication of urgent orders. After completing an order with a deadline, you can see the time it took to deliver.

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