Integrating PayPal (Advanced)

The advanced PayPal integration lets you set up billing agreements with customers and charge them for future orders with one click. It’s just like saving client’s credit card and charging it for future orders and subscriptions, only using customer’s PayPal account.

PayPal calls these future payments “Reference Transactions” and you need to have them enabled in your merchant account to be able to use this module.

To enable reference transactions you can call or email PayPal support. If you qualify, they will turn this feature on for your account.

Now, once you’ve enabled reference transactions you’ll need to sign into your PayPal account and go to Profile > Request API credentials > View API signature. From there you’ll need to copy your API username, password and signature into the PayPal Advanced module in SPP.

That’s it. You can now add PayPal Advanced as payment option in your order forms.

Upon checkout, first-time customers will be redirected to PayPal and asked to approve the billing agreement. Returning customers will just need to confirm payment in the order form and SPP will charge their PayPal account accordingly.

This powerful functionality lets you sell more services, manually add and charge invoices and do all the things you could previously only do with a credit card processor like Stripe.

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